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Main challenges of logistics

Fuel expenses

As fuel costs continue to rise, it’s critical that logistics companies use powerful route planning and optimization software to minimize gas or diesel waste. New drivers require tools that provide accurate, turn-by-turn directions to drop-off or pick-up locations.


A company’s operations become difficult to manage as it fluctuates in size. It’s necessary to use a unified logistics solution in order to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and reduce labor costs.


A company is in the dark about its fleet’s progression and potential problems without logistics management software. It becomes impossible for dispatchers to address potential delays, which can negatively impact a company’s delivery rating.

Beans Route’s Solutions

New drivers can run routes as quickly and efficiently as veterans with Beans Route’s advanced route planning and optimization engine.

  • Increase driver retention
  • Reduce failed deliveries
  • Reduce fuel costs by 23%

Generate precise ETAs with Beans Route’s proprietary algorithms and real-time order tracking.

  • Accurate customer notifications
  • Smaller delivery window times
  • Precise ETAs for multiple orders

Send drivers straight to the front door of secondary addresses and show them where to park and enter a complex.

  • 11+ million apartment units mapped
  • Waypoints reveal parking, gates, stairs, and more
  • 72% increase in stops/hour on apartment-heavy routes

Use the driver app on any smart device and onboard and train drivers in less than three minutes!

  • In-app timesheets and scheduling
  • Proof of delivery
  • Custom pins and notes

Stay in one dashboard to manage your logistics operations with our top-of-the-line integrations.

  • Driver safety and compliance
  • Telematics and dash-cam
  • In-app notifications and alerts


Reduction In Fuel Costs


Increase In Customer Satisfaction


Cut In Distance Traveled

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