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AI-powered routing & dispatch with enhanced geospatial data for modern fleet manangement.

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Beans Route powers deliveries for leading companies nationwide

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Why Industry Leaders Choose Beans Route

Optimize over 10,000 stops in just a few minutes and plan routes across 25+ parameters!

  • Mobile warehouse location optimization
  • Multi-depot structure
  • AI-powered work area designing
  • Dynamic cost calculations
  • Mixed fleet optimization
  • Live order assigment
  • Wave dispatch has built geocodes for hard-to-find addresses from the ground up.

  • 99.99% locations and navigation waypoints
  • 11+ million apartments, condos, hospitals, mobile homes mapped
  • Waypoints that navigate drivers to the front door
  • Custom markers for elevators, parking, etc.
  • 72% increase in stops/hour on apartment-heavy routes
  • 25% reduction in failed deliveries
  • 80% reduction in calls to customer

Beans Route is one of the first delivery management systems to feature timesheets and scheduling.

  • Clock in/out on regular basis
  • Submit time-off requests in the app
  • AI-powered 7-day scheduling
  • Automatically incorporates time-off requests
  • Hide routes until drivers clock in
  • Calculate labor law compliant hours for payroll
  • 18% reduction in overtime costs with proper timekeeping

Your Drivers and dispatchers can easily manage custom map data on Beans Route

  • Save gate codes for buildings
  • Maintain notes of specific customer requests
  • Store drop-off/pick-up locations
  • Private road entrances
  • Custom business hours
  • New drivers ready to deliver in less than 15 minutes
  • 15% lower driver churn

Manage your vehicle maintenance tasks and keep your vehicles running smoothly.

  • Monthly maintenance records
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  • Vehicle records
  • Fleet tracking
  • Mileage & fuel reporting
  • Hide routes until inspection is complete
  • Customize inspections with over 100 options

Meet safety mandates and simplify compliance management through our direct integration with Fleet Response.

  • Seamless integration with Fleet Response
  • See passing or failing status
  • Send in-app reminders to complete training
  • Track records of completed trainings
  • View scores and number of attempt
  • Stay in one dashboard to monitor training

Mitigate blind spots with real-time data and address pain points that affect operational efficiency.

  • Mileage metrics
  • Driver performance
  • Stop status
  • Fleet intelligence
  • Route archives
  • Time since last stop
  • Driver behavior

View your fleets’ progress in real-time on the Beans Route platform or app.

  • Receive notifications about inactive drivers
  • Know if a driver goes off his/her route
  • Determine if you need to create rescue routes
  • Monitor analytics of individual driver performance
  • Increase driver responsibility
  • Get insights into your fleet’s performance

View drivers’ progress in real-time and send automatic customer notifications with accurate ETAs.

  • Real-time text notifications
  • Fewer calls to customer service
  • Track driver location
  • Full visibility of a delivery’s progress
  • Customize and pre-set messages
  • Provide customer’s with real-time tracking

Why Industry Leaders Choose Beans Route

Benefits that are unrivalled


Streamline deliveries and make 20% more stops per hour


Boost customer satisfaction with 70% fewer driver interactions


Eliminate guesswork and walk 500 feet less per stop


Experience 15% less driver churn

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