Last-Mile Delivery

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Main challenges of last-mile delivery

Inaccurate geocodes

Most mapping providers lack accurate data for apartments and rural areas. Location pins can be hundreds of feet away from an address’s actual location, which wastes a driver’s time and disrupts delivery windows.


Companies that don’t use AI-powered routing software find that their delivery rating suffers because they can’t plan stops as effectively as advanced algorithms. Last-mile delivery management software with intelligent route planning is key for companies looking to build a sustainable last-mile delivery operation.

No real-time visibility

Without last-mile delivery management software, a company is unaware of its fleet’s progress and potential problems. Real-time tracking and insights are critical in order to boost a company’s delivery rating and profitability.

Beans Route’s Solutions

New drivers can run routes as quickly and efficiently as veterans with Beans Route’s advanced route planning and optimization engine.

  • Increase driver retention
  • Reduce failed deliveries
  • Reduce fuel costs by 23%

Generate precise ETAs with Beans Route’s proprietary algorithms and real-time driver tracking.

  • Accurate customer notifications
  • Smaller delivery window times
  • Fewer calls to dispatch

Send drivers straight to the front door of secondary addresses and show them where to park and enter a complex.

  • 11+ million apartment units mapped
  • Waypoints reveal parking, gates, stairs, and more
  • 72% increase in stops/hour on apartment-heavy routes

Use the driver app on any smart device and onboard and train drivers in less than three minutes!

  • In-app timesheets and scheduling
  • Proof of delivery
  • Custom pins and notes

Stay in one dashboard to manage your delivery operations with our top-of-the-line integrations.

  • Driver safety and compliance
  • Telematics and dash-cam
  • In-app notifications and alerts


Reduction In Fuel Costs


Increase In Customer Satisfaction


Cut In Distance Traveled

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