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Main challenges of food & restaurant delivery


Fast food establishments and restaurants that want to gain a larger market share need to adapt to the food eCommerce boom. Yet many restaurants find that food delivery is costly, inefficient, and difficult to manage without restaurant delivery management software.


Customers now expect real-time visibility into their order status. However, unless restaurants use food delivery software, there is no way to show customers where their order is in real-time.


Without food delivery software, drivers cannot optimize their routes to meet specific delivery windows. Additionally, inaccurate location data often leads them astray as they attempt to find a customer’s address, which results in slower delivery times and decreased food quality.

Beans Route’s Solutions

Allocate food orders to the best delivery driver and automatically take into account the restaurant’s proximity to the customer and turnaround time.

  • Optimally assign drivers
  • Select the nearest
    restaurant to the customer
  • Regard available resources

Generate precise ETAs with Beans Route’s proprietary algorithms and real-time order tracking.

  • Accurate customer notifications
  • Smaller delivery window times
  • Precise ETAs for multiple orders

Allow drivers to use their smartphones to take photos of the deliveries that are automatically time-stamped with GPS coordinates.

  • Capture proof of delivery
  • Use against claims of
  • Keep drivers accountable

Enable parameters, such as delivery windows and available drivers, to create optimized routes.

  • Customize parameters accordingly
  • Route large fleets with ease
  • Automatically assign drivers to routes

Beans Route’s apartment data and 99.99% accurate geocoding prevent drivers from getting lost or wasting time.

  • Navigate directly to doorsteps
  • Reveal the closest parking
  • Save 3 mins per delivery


Reduction In Fuel Costs


Increase In Customer Satisfaction


Cut In Distance Traveled

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