Field Service Dispatch and Routing Software

Optimize your field service operations with a unified solution that includes scheduling, dispatch, routing, real-time tracking, etc.

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Main challenges for field service companies


Large arrival windows can frustrate customers and increase the number of calls made to your dispatch team. Field service software sends automated notifications informing a customer of a technician’s ETA and real-time location to minimize this issue. This streamlined and accurate form of communication can boost satisfaction with your service before a technician even arrives on site.

Route planning

Planning out routes manually is time-consuming and inefficient, even for a small field service business. Additionally, as new jobs come in throughout the day, dispatchers often struggle to find out which technicians are nearby, who has time, and what job orders dispatchers move around. Alternatively, companies with field service software can streamline dispatch and routing and reduce the amount of effort needed to optimize schedules.

Lack of visibility

Field service software allows your dispatch team to see the real-time location of your technicians on the field. Without this visibility, dispatchers need to call technicians to understand where they are to learn if they are behind or ahead of schedule. It’s also difficult for dispatchers to re-route technicians to attend emergencies, fill scheduling gaps, adjust assignments, etc.

Beans Route’s Solutions

Automatically assign jobs to technicians and reduce the number of miles and time spent between assignments.

  • Optimally assign drivers to
    nearby jobs
  • Easily adjust routes to
    accommodate new jobs
  • Automate dispatch and save on labor

Generate precise ETAs with Beans Route’s proprietary algorithms and send automatic, pre-set customer notifications.

  • Keep customers informed
  • Provide smaller arrival windows
  • Reduce the number of calls to dispatch

Monitor your technicians anytime throughout the day to take informed decisions while keeping a check on their progress & work updates

  • Gain complete visibility of your technicians
  • See when a technician falls behind schedule
  • Optimize reassignments with ease

Set parameters to customize the AI-powered dispatch and account for available technicians, arrival windows, estimated job completion times, and more.

  • Customize parameters to fit your needs
  • Route large fleets effortlessly
  • Spot issues early on

Beans Route’s apartment data and 99.99% accurate geocoding prevent field service technicians from getting lost or wasting time between jobs.

  • Navigate directly to job sites
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce daily frustration with clear directions


Reduction In Fuel Costs


Increase In Customer Satisfaction


Cut In Distance Traveled

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