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Why use Beans Route?
  • We're fully integrated with FedEx Ground
  • Increase stops per hour
  • Reduce total routes dispatched
  • Best stop-by-stop optimization
  • Reduce miles driven
  • Balance workloads between routes
  • See real-time route performance
  • 100% mobile
  • Easy driver onboarding
  • Save time by finding apartments super fast
  • Find parking spots close to deliveries
  • Add delivery address notes so you never forget important info
How to get the app?
See your manager to add you, then download the app on either the app store or google play store. Follow the onboarding pages and you're ready to find destinations fast!
Does the app work on all platforms?
Beans Route app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone platforms.
How do I input my route?
Your route manifest will be automatically downloaded to Beans Route app.
How do I add notes?
Easily add important notes for delivery locations and reference them when needed.
  • Select the "Info" button
  • Select "Add a note"
  • Start typing your notes
  • Select the "Save" button
Is the Beans Route app free?
Go to beansroute.ai to see the pricing plan that works for your team.
Can I use my default navigation app with Beans Route?
Yes. Once you select the "navigation" icon it will open up your default navigation app and populate the destination address. Ready to go!
Who should use Beans Route?
  • FedEx ISPs and drivers
  • Parcel delivery services
  • Food delivery services
  • Flower shops
  • Repair and technician services
  • Anyone needed to find destinations fast and accurately
  • All delivery drivers
Which markets are mapped?
We cover all of the continental U.S. A majority of apartments we currently have are in CA, TX, AZ, FL, and NV. We add thousands of apartments weekly.
How do I leave feedback about the app?
Email support@beansroute.ai
How can I update maps?
Download our Mapper app and get paid to download maps.

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